The Tourist                                                                         two young women
        'The Tourist'  16 x 8 x 9 cm single edition 1/1                                          'Two Young Women in the Wind' 60 x 25 x 14cm edition 1/8

                     Free Dancer                         Skalm Vrou                   skaam vrou red

 'Free Dancer' 24 x 11 x 11cm edition 1/12          'Skaam Vrou'  16 x 7 x 7 cm  edition 1/12      'Skaam Vrou' 16 x 7 x 7cm edition 3/12
                                                                                          and 2/12 SOLD

                         Bovine Mirages
                                                           'Bovine Mirages' Two piece Bronze  46 x 18 x 20 each, edition 1/12

 Please contact me if you would like to see other maquettes ready for

I also offer a two day maquette sculpting course from my studio gallery with food and accommodation included. Kindly email me for details

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